The technique of creating paintings is unique and it combines the work of a painter and a jeweler. Instead of a dab of paint, a piece of paper with a printing press of a certain color and formation is cut out and pasted to the base with the help of tweezers. Large pieces of paper are used as unfinished painting. It is an exquisite workmanship of motility and patience, and is combined with technical possibilities available only for painting. Unlimited number of corrections allows to achieve the desired result. And sometimes it creates the effect of a papier-mache, giving the picture some pastosity. The smooth colour and formation transitions achieve a subtlety that is visually comparable to the glazing technique. And the use of printing as a basic material – the clarity of the image, which can not be achieved with the first number brush or dry needle.

Dmitry Shulkovich creates his works without underdrawing. In the process of work the composition changes many times.

The author’s great-grandfather was a hereditary watchmaker. His fine motility, thoroughness in his work and attention to the minute details, inherited by the artist, create a unique visual effect of works.

If you look deeper – besides motility, the artist has inherited the desire to understand the construction of the clock mechanism, and perhaps the world order in general.
After all, all of Dmitry Shulkovich’s paintings are aimed at depicting the way the universe is organized. And to realize its structure by means of visualization.